Rosinroth Kalagiano

Becky's Character


Race: Goliath
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Role/Class: Barbarian


Born into slavery under the drow, the goliath born as Thulak came of age in a world of hardship and suffering. Her grandparents had been the first generation captured by the Drow, her parents lived and died never seeing the sky or sun. By the time Thulak was young, she and her people had adapted to the darkness of the Underdark, while losing a sense of their goliath heritage and culture. The occasional uprising, brought on by the pride and stubbornness common to goliaths, meant that by her adulthood very few goliaths remained, and fewer of those were allowed to be together. As exotic slaves, however, goliaths were held as symbols of status, with high noble houses often keeping them as bodyguards, overseers (if they were obedient) or even just as playthings.
Thulak was allowed access to a community of goliaths that included her parents for some time. Her mother, Vimak “Whipwalker” Kalagiano was slain by drow when Thulak was very young. She has scattered memories of her mother as a stubborn and tough goliath, one who often took lashings with gritted teeth but never cried out. Maveith “Drow Crusher” Ogolakanu]], Thulak’s father, lost his spirit after the death of Vimak. The drow sought to make an example of him, brutally beating him before the other goliath slaves. Under the violence of the drow, something awoke in Maveith, and he struck back, surprising his slavers. He managed to kill several drow before he was slain.
After her parent’s death, Thulak was raised by Gae-Alharen, the tent-mother of the remaining goliath slaves. This elder encouraged her tribe to take drow names, and to be obedient whenever possible, all the while waiting for the right time to strike. Live to fight when it matters, she taught them, as senseless death will not free our people. She encouraged them to take drow names, which is when Thulak took the name Rosinroth.
When she was older, Rosinroth was passed around by many masters, known to be an obedient if stoic slave. She has served as a forager and explorer, sent into the wilderness of the Underdark with other slaves on expeditions, an overseer of weaker slaves, but most of her time was spent as a “pet” to a particularly cruel drow noble named Ellarass Arkenth. Ellarass played with Rosinroth in a multitude of ways, before growing tired of her and selling her to another wealthy family. Under her new masters, Rosinroth was mainly assigned to guard and punish weaker slaves, namely goblins and humans, though occasionally she would oversee drow slaves as well. During one such assignment, her party was sent out to harvest food from a nearby mushroom farm. During this expedition, a group of strangers attempted to pass through the farm, posing as drow nobles. When her drow keepers began punishing slaves in an effort to earn the “nobles’” favor, the youngest stranger lashed out with magic. These strangers were in fact adventurers attempting to venture deep into the Underdark in search of some information. Rosinroth saw her opportunity and took is, aiding the strangers in slaying her drow captors. After the battle, she agreed to join the party, hoping they would help her escape the Underdark after they completed their quest. She has developed an affection for the youngest of these adventurers, Emmy, hoping to protect her the way she was not protected in her youth.
Over the past few months, a strange thing has begun happening to Rosinroth. When she allows her anger and rage to take over, she is able to increase her physical abilities. More interesting, however, are the ghostly figure that appear when she does so. They appear to be faint images of goliath warriors, who linger around her foes and disrupt them. As someone with no connection to her goliath heritage, Rosinroth is eager to investigate these spirit figures.

Rosinroth Kalagiano

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